And Back to Prose…

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As I said in my last item, I was returning to my more familiar prose writing territory, after my ‘foray’ into poetry, and my somewhat surprising acceptance of that poem, in an anthology by Arachne Press. (

So it’s rather nice to have had another acceptance from Arachne, for one of my stories, and be back to prose in that respect, too.

This was for their call-out for work on the theme of the climate crisis, which would form the basis of their annual Solstice Shorts Festival, which takes place at the time of the winter solstice, in December. I’ve taken part in this Festival before and it’s a great event. It would be lovely if it could be ‘live’ again, this year, but nothing is certain at the moment.

The anthology to accompany the Festival is titled ‘Words from the Brink’, referencing how close we are to climate catastrophe.

The call-out had one of the biggest responses ever, which, hopefully, is a reflection of how greatly writers are concerned about the topic, and want to do their best to draw attention to it, through their work.

My story is about the rising temperature in the far north. I’ll go into the writing of it closer to publication. It certainly has awakened me to this particular aspect of the situation. But I set it in the future, so if we all act NOW, maybe there is hope that it won’t happen. Maybe…

Thank you, as ever, to Cherry Potts, at Arachne, for liking my work.