Bedford International Writing Competition 2019 Anthology, independent publishing, 2020. Story – ‘Miss Bird Catches a Wave’

Confluence 11, published by Wordsmithery, 2020, ed by Barry Fentiman-Hall. Story – ‘Water, earth, stone’

‘Time and Tide’ – Stories and poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2019. Published by Arachne Press 2019, ed. by Cherry Potts.  Two stories – ‘Sea Change’ and ‘Ballast’

New Short Stories 11, Willesden Herald, published by Pretend Genius Press, ed. by Stephen Moran, 2019.
Story – ‘The Watcher’

‘Heartland’ – Penfro Competition Winners Anthology, published by Parthian, 2019, ed. by Niall Griffiths and Rhiannon Hooson. Story – ‘Dead Sheep/Babies’

‘Palm Sized Press’ Volume 1. Edited E.M Killaley. 2019. Flash fiction – ‘Witness

‘Blue Nib Magazine’, Issue 38, June 2019. Story ‘The woman who never begs’.

‘Blue Nib Magazine’, Issue 37, March 2019. Story ‘Cabinet of Immortal Wonders

‘Noon’ An anthology of stories and poems from Solstice Shorts Festival 2018. Published 2019 Arachne Press. Story ‘Noon Child Unknown’.

‘Cinnamon Review of Short Fiction’ Anthology 2018. Published by Cinnamon Press. Story ‘Eavesdropping’.

‘Leicester Writes Short Story Prize Anthology’. Published 2018 Dahlia Press. Story ‘XXX’.

‘Dream Catcher’ Magazine. Issue 37. 2018. Published by Stairwell Books. Edited by John Gilham. Story ‘Reversal – Remembered on Seeing Sophie Ryder’s ‘Lady-Hare on Dog’’.

‘Nivalis 2017’ A Fabula Press Anthology. Edited by Anirban Ray Choudhury. Published November 2017. Story ‘Have a Nice Day’.

‘Ruins’ An Anthology. Cinnamon Press 2017. Edited by Adam Craig. Story ‘(W+D-d)TQ/MNa‘.

‘Lonely Crowd’ Magazine. Issue 6. 2017. Edited by John Lavin. Story ‘Lledrith’.

‘Celtic Mythology Collection’ Irish Imbas Books. 2017. Story ‘The Black Hen’.

‘Dream Catcher’ Magazine. Issue 33. 2016. Published by Stairwell Books. Edited by John Gilham. Story ‘The Listening Housewife’.

‘Lonely Crowd’ Magazine. Issue 4. Edited by John Lavin. Story ‘Herr Munch Visits the Zoo’.

‘Brittle Star’ Magazine. Issue 38. 2016. Story ‘Blue Madonna’.

‘Secondary Character and other stories’ 2015. An anthology of the Welsh Short Story Network. Published by Opening Chapter. Edited by Barrie Llewelyn. Story ‘Ingrid, Audrey and Jean’.