Cinnamon Literature Award 2020 – Long List

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Something from before Christmas, that I didn’t post, but want to, as I was very pleased about it…
…delighted, in fact, to have my latest finished work included on the long list of the Cinnamon Literature Award 2020, particularly in view of the detailed adjudication provided by the press (this can be found on their website

The number of entries was the largest in fifteen years of competitions, and full of manuscripts that kept the judges reading, with their distinctive voices. In the end, there was an ‘extremely strong long list’, in addition to the original one. All the manuscripts on this were considered to be either of publishable quality already, or well on the way.It was great that my submission was one of these, as it’s a piece I love, and dearly hope to have it published. So this long-listing was a definite sign of its worth, I like to think and hope!

Congratulations to the winner and short-listed writers and many thanks to the judges.

It was also quite interesting to see the connections between the indie presses and their authors. Dominic Fisher was short-listed, and he is another Chaffinch author, as is, of course, Maria Straw-Cinar, who has been mentored by Cinnamon, and was short-listed in an earlier competition.
We are all so glad to have these independent publishers!