“Bold, powerful and beautifully written – Trouble Crossing the Bridge”

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The very kind, very talented writer, Sarah Tinsley, has posted a blog about my short story collection, ‘Trouble Crossing the Bridge’.

You can read it here.


I’m quoting the first two paragraphs, because they are like a mini-review, and make some wonderful comments about my work.

‘ I don’t think I’ve ever read a short story with a mathematical equation as the title. This is just one of the reasons Trouble Crossing the Bridge, a short story collection by Diana Powell, is astonishing. From untangling the threads of a dilapidated relationship to exploring the impact of trauma, this collection is bold, powerful and beautifully written.
Each character within the collection finds themselves damaged in some way. Through a huge variety of ages, places and situations we see the fragility of humanity and the ways the express and cope with their hardships. But there is beauty here too. In the lyrical way she paints the worlds she creates and in the tantalising hope of something better, if you can only get across the bridge.’

I am so grateful to Sarah for these kind words and for posting the blog. It is truly appreciated  – from anybody, but, in particular, an accomplished author. Take a look at Sarah’s output, while you’re there!

Don’t forget, you can get a copy of ‘Trouble’ from Amazon, or direct from me, by contacting me, via this site.