Songs of the Water, Voices of the Wells

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The On Land’s Edge Festival has been and gone, and I was delighted to take part in it.

I read my ‘Non’ story and an extract from my ‘Gwenonwy’ – the readings went well, I think.

And despite both of us being rather nervous, the Q and A with Jo McGregor Messore went smoothly, and conveyed how inspiring these magical well sites can be. The creative work that has ‘sprung’ from them, in a variety of fields – fiction, song, visual art, photography, non-fiction – is testament to that.

Jo and her husband, Dan, and their band have certainly composed an incredible series of songs, their ‘Voices of the Wells’, and performed them brilliantly.

And one of them happens to have been based on my ‘Gwenonwy’ story – which is altogether thrilling. Another highlight of the year!

Thank you, Jo and the band. Thanks, too, to Ancient Connections for bringing us to this point. And to On Land’s Edge, Theatr Gwaun and David Pepper for making the Festival happen. And to all those who came to listen.

Thanks, also, to David Powell (husband) for filming us. A video will follow.