‘Trouble Crossing the Bridge’ in Seaways Bookshop

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Thrilled as I am to have ‘Trouble Crossing the Bridge’ on display anywhere, it is a special pleasure to see it in Seaways, my local bookshop in Fishguard. It’s a wonderful shop, with a great selection of titles – and, this week, my collection has been added to its list.

‘Seaways’ was where I launched my novella ‘Esther Bligh’ back in the days when it was possible to hold live events. They are perfect hosts! Of course, ‘Trouble Crossing the Bridge’ was launched virtually, but now it is ‘in the flesh’ here, alongside ‘Esther’. It’s a fantastic feeling to see them together, and to know that I have two books with just my name on! Here’s hoping there may be another in the future…

And I’m still hoping there will be a chance of getting out and about before too long, in festivals and fairs, where I’ll be able to supply copies of the book, direct.